Video Production

Photo: Tyron Montgomery

Video & Sound Recording

at the Carl Flesch Academy

In 2023, for the first time, the two closing concerts of the Carl Flesch Academy will be recorded on video in full length. Depending on various factors between four aand ten cameras will be positioned in the concert hall. One camera will show the soloist from tip to toe, as it is required for applications. The video material of this camera will then be used for the application video the Carl Flesch Academy will sponsor.

The additional cameras will be used to capture the conductor, orchestra groups, the hall and further perspectivesise den Dirigenten, einzelne Orchestergruppen und den Saal ein sowie weitere Perspektiven der Solist:innen. Aus der Gesamtheit dieser Kamera-Blickwinkel lässt sich später ein professionelles Video für den Einsatz auf YouTube, Vimeo oder Websites schneiden.

If circumstances permit, the dress rehearsals are also recorded - as a kind of double bottom. If a soloist does not succeed in a passage in the concert as desired, the material from the dress rehearsals can be used and an error-free viewing and listening experience created for the viewer. The prerequisite for this is that the entire orchestra appears in orchestral dress during the dress rehearsal and that the lighting in the hall corresponds to the concert lighting.

May I influence how my video / sound shall be recorded?

Unfortunately, no. On site, a camera and microphone arrangement is chosen that consideres the needs of all soloists as well as the orchestra and that disturbs the audience in the hall as little as possible. A change during the concert is not possible.

Video Edit & Sound Mix

and the costs related

The effort — and therefore also the price — for the production of a professional video depends on various factors:

These aspects make it clear that blanket price quotations are not possible. In most cases, the costs range between 1,800 € and 4,200 € (for German musicians plus 19 % VAT).

For comparison: With self-organized video productions, the total costs are usually in the five-digit range. For the orchestra alone, fees of 10,000 € or more are usually incurred, and rentals for photogenic halls range from 1,000 € to 3,000 € per day. Add to that about 1,500 € for filming, travel and accommodation costs plus the sums mentioned above for video editing and sound mixing.

The opportunity that the sponsorship of the Carl Flesch Academy offers you is therefore a truly unique financial support. After reviewing the video material and discussing your correction requirements, we will be happy to submit an individual offer, which takes into account a discount for artists of 30 %.

When do I have to decide and what are the costs if I don't want video editing in the end?

It can happen, especially with young musicians, that a concert doesn't turn out as well as hoped. Playing a good concert is one thing. To publish this concert — and with it all possible small mistakes — in a video is another. Videos are often viewed more critically and can be watched multiple times.

Whether the performance is "video worthy" can therefore only be judged after a concert. Since the Carl Flesch Academy finances the actual recording, soloists need not decide whether to have a professional video made of their performance with multiple camera angles and sound mixing until they receive their single-camera video for applications.

If no video editing is desired, there is no cost to you.

Our Video Partner

The video production at the Carl Flesch Academy is headed by Oscar winner Tyron Montgomery from Munich, who has specialized in affordable classical music videos for several years. Anyone who has questions in advance is welcome to contact him at any time (in German or English):

Tyron Montgomery

WhatsApp: +49 177 6774810
Phone calls by appointment only

A video example with Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto can be found here on YouTube

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