Orchestra & Video

Photo: Jörg Bongartz

Concert Performance with the Baden-Baden Philharmonic

Through its close cooperation with the Baden-Baden Philharmonic, the Carl Flesch Academy has always been able to provide its participants with more stage and concert experience.

The academy offers selected students the unique opportunity of a public soloist performance with the Baden-Baden Philharmonic, conducted by the principal conductor Heiko Mathias Förster. The concert will take place in the legendary Weinbrenner Hall of the Kurhaus Baden-Baden, in the professional context of the philharmonic concerts.

The two master concerts are scheduled for the 11th and 12th of July 2024, both at 8 p.m. As an applicant, please let us know whether you would like to perform with orchestra.

Selection Process & Repertoire

After the first master-classes, the executives and instructors of the Carl Flesch Academy will select three participants of each master-class for the public concerts. All other master-class participants will have the chance to perform non-publicly with the Baden-Baden Philharmonic for 20 minutes.

Participants who wish to perform publicly with the Baden-Baden Philharmonic must submit three repertoire proposals with their application. The final repertoire for the public concerts will be determined by the Academy taking into account these submissions and the application videos. The decision will be announced to the participants on the 1st of June 2024.

Concert Videos

Photo: Tyron Montgomery

Video Recording of Your Solo-Performance With the Orchestra

Today, for musicians, high-quality videos are more important than ever – for applications, festivals and competitions just as much as for the general development of their career. Being present on YouTube or Vimeo is almost a must, and social-media channels or websites without videos have little-to-no effect on a musician's career.

However, hall rents, orchestra fees, copyright costs as well as the actual video and sound production often are too big a financial barrier, especially for young musicians. Additionally, one must consider the amount of work that goes into an own video production and that young musicians often aren't given the chance to publicly perform with a professional orchestra.

On these grounds the Carl Flesch Academy has decided on a generous sponsoring:

Your public concerts with the Baden-Baden Philharmonic will be professionally recorded with several cameras and microphones. All selected participants will receive an uncut one-camera recording of their performance for applications, free of charge (application videos may not have been edited). The Carl Flesch Academy will pay for all expenses related to the recording and the application video — around 750 € per participant.

Optionally, the selected soloists may commission a video edit with several camera perspectives for YouTube or other social-media channels. The costs for the hall, orchestra, copyrights and recordings are covered be the sponsoring of the Carl Flesch Academy. The soloists will “only” need to pay for the actual video editing and sound mix.

In case you are interested in such a multi-camera video please find detailed information on this page

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