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Large photos:
Jörg Bongartz (concerts and architecture)
Stephan Baumann (aerial view of the monastery)
Tyron Montgomery (video production, participants 2023)

Claudia Böckelmann (Poppen)
Martin Bolle (Montgomery)
Jörg Bongartz (Förster, Joosten, Kabina-Clopet, Lange)
Marco Borggreve (Amoyal, Soltani, Troussov, Várdai)
Wolf-Dieter Grabner (Kuschnir, portrait)
Johann Sebastian Hänel (Saksala, portrait)
Frank Jerke (Bálint, Saksala, large photo)
Heili Mägi (Chernichka)
Tyron Montgomery (Troussov & Förster, home page) (Bonamy)


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