House Rules

Photo: Jörg Bongartz

House Rules at the Lichtenthal Abbey

During your stay, please do not forget that the Carl Flesch Academy is only a guest at the Lichtenthal Abbey. Be considerate of the historic building as well as our hosts, the Cistercian nuns, who live and work there:

  1. Never play the cello or double bass without a cello board or rubber parquet protector. You will be charged for any damage you may cause to to the antique parquet floors.
  2. Leave classrooms as you would like to find them — clean and tidy. Neither the monastery nor the academy can be held responsible for forgotten items.
  3. The cloistered area of the nuns may not be entered. You will be informed on site which rooms are reserved for the academy.
  4. Meals are offered at fixed times, as is customary in most cloisters. Please keep to these times so as not to disturb the strictly regulated monastic daily routine.
  5. Get-togethers in the evening are of course part of the academy concept. However, please be considerate of academy participants who want to go to bed early. This also applies to practicing or playing music in your own room late at night.
  6. The monastery courtyard is closed to the public from 10 p.m. After this time, you as guests can still enter the courtyard with your room key. Please be quiet there and do not leave any trash or cigarette butts.
  7. The regulations of the monastery and the instructions of the academy management, the course office and our security personnel must be followed at all times. If you don't know whether something is allowed, it is better to ask first before there is trouble later. We are always there for you.
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