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Awards & Scholarships

of the Carl Flesch Academy

Every year, awards and scholarships worth over 10,000 € are presented at the Academy — in 2023 even over 20,000 €. This is made possible by generous sponsors, benefactors and donors, for whose long-standing loyalty and support we would like to express our sincere thanks.

This year we welcome as new supporters and prize donors in particular Pirastro, Gewa Music, The Violin Channel and the G. Henle Publishing House.

Some prizes are given every year, such as the Carl Flesch Award, the Werner Stiefel Award, the Stennebrüggen Award and the scholarships. Other prizes are only awarded at irregular intervals and occasionally one-off special awards are added.

The scholarships serve to refinance the course fees by the course participant. The number of scholarships and the amounts given are at the discretion of the donors. The course management chooses the award winners based on proposals of the instructors.

Carl Flesch Award

2,000 € awarded by a local group of Lion Clubs. This award is associated with a performance with the Baden-Baden Philharmonic during the Carl Flesch award winners concert.

Werner Stiefel Award

2,000 € awarded by the Patronatsgesellschaft für Theater and by the Baden-Baden Philharmonic. This award is associated with a performance with the Baden-Baden Philharmonic during the seasonal opening of the Patronatsgesellschaft. The award bears the name of a former musical director of Baden-Baden, founder and artistic director of the academy.

Gewa Award

One violin case from Gewa and one cello case from Gewa. The winners have the free choice from the current Gewa products. The voucher can be redeemed within 2 years. Total value over 4,000 €

Pirastro Award

A total of 19 Pirastro strings sets worth 3,000 €, awarded to one participant per master class: 2 x violin (5 sets of strings each), viola (4 sets of strings), cello (3 sets of strings) and double bass (2 sets of strings).

Henle Sponsorship Award

All participants will receive printed scores of the pieces worked at the Academy, free of charge (up to a maximum of 50 € catalog price per person). Furthermore, all teachers and participants will receive free access to the Henle Library App for one year. Total value more than 3,000 €

Award of the Friends of the Carl Flesch Academy

2 x 750 € awarded as promotional prizes, one of them to a musician already in the profession.

Stennebrüggen Award

1,000 € combined with an engagement in a concert of the Philharmonie Baden-Baden, donated by the Friederike Kroes Foundation. The prize bears the name of the Stennebrüggen family, whose members have assisted the Philharmonie Baden-Baden as orchestral musicians and soloists since 1860.

Young Talent Award of The Violin Channel

3 x personal one-on-one career advice and project support meetings with The Violin Channel's executive team.

Special Award of the Principal Conductor

2 x 500 € awarded by the principal conductor of the Baden-Baden Philharmonic, made possible by donations.

Werner Rastätter Memorial Award

2 x 500 € awarded by Bärbl Führé-Rastätter.

Special Award St. Maria Gaggenau

2 x 500 € awarded by Wolfgang Seiter.

Ruth Flesch Memorial Award

750 € awarded to a particularly young participant of the academy, donated from the estate of Carl F. Flesch (London) — son of the famous violinist — in memory of his mother.

Brahms Award

500 € donated by the Brahmsgesellschaft Baden-Baden, awarded to an outstanding performer of a solo work by Johannes Brahms.

Ginette Neveu Award

500 € awarded by the German-French Society Baden-Baden in memory of the great French violinist Ginette Neveu, student of Carl Flesch.

Henle Award

Voucher worth 250 € for the purchase of sheet music from G. Henle Publishing House.

Grant of the Lord Mayor of Baden-Baden

This grant will be given to the courses.

Award winners 2022

Scholarships of the Friends of the CFA 2022

Larissa Cidlinsky (violin), Salvatore di Lorenzo (violin), Mao Konishi (viola), Karolina Pawul (viola), David Martin (cello), Emma Naegele (cello), Pin-Hua Lee (double bass) und Soyeon Park (double bass)

Scholarships of the Principal Conductor 2022

Carolin Grün (violin), Jelena Horvat (violin), Zhiyun Liu (viola), Nanako Tsuji (viola), Yoonsoo Yeo (cello), Aihao Zheng (cello), Chia-Hao Lee (double bass) und Husan-Miao Wang (double bass)

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